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When nothing but the best will do!

Our LUXURY BOXSPRING BED is a top model, designed to give you the best sleeping experience and comfort. The best materials have been used in this bed and there has been focus on all details to give the bed a unique design.

A double layer of unique Pocket springs gives you zonal adapting, individual adjustment and personalized sleeping comfort. The total amount of individually wrapped springs is above 1500 pcs./m2.

Both the box spring and the main mattress are covered with an exclusive and durable upholstery fabric. The top mattress on the other hand is covered with high quality stretch tricot, which feels extremely pleasant to the touch; the sideboard of the top mattress is designed with 3D grid making it breathable; the added zipper is just another convenience for easy maintenance and washing of the cover.

What are the advantages of the LUXURY BOXSPRING BED ?

•  The highest level of comfort is reached throughout the multiple layering

•  Perfect body positioning is reached by the 7 zone pocket spring systems used in the base and the main mattress

•  Regulation of the humidity is reached by the breathable structure of the top mattress

•  Optimal relieving of tension is reached by the zonal adapting of the multiple layers of pocket springs

Main features:

1.  Soft bed base 2 pcs. a solid frame of high quality softwood and MDF on top of which a 7 zone pocket spring system is placed (pocket springs with 6 cm. height and 5,5 cm. diameter ). The sideboard around the pocket spring system and the layer on top of it consists of highly elastic polyurethane foam. The bed base is covered with exclusive and durable fabric.

2.  Mattress 2 pcs. A high quality mattress that ensures zonal adapting to the specific shapes of your body. The spine remains in ergonomic position regardless of your sleeping position. The mattress completely moderates itself according to the body pressure and weight and at the same time ensures stable support to your body thanks to its optimal elasticity. You would not feel tension or cramps; the body completely relaxes and recovers from the stress and tiredness. All that is reached thanks to the zonal adapting of the pocket springs a 7 zone pocket spring system with 18 cm. height and 4 cm.diameter of the springs. The sideboard and the layer above the pocket spring system comprises of highly elastic polyurethane foam. The mattress is covered with exclusive and durable fabric.

3. Top mattress 1 pc. the bed could be combined with a wide variety of top mattresses from our collection. We produce top mattresses with cores of HR foam, memory foam, latex or combination of these materials. The cover of the top mattress is produced with high quality triple woven stretch tricot , 3D ventilation grid is used for the sideboard which makes it breathable, a zipper is added for easy maintenance and washing.

4. Headboard you could choose from a wide variety of headboards H 140 cm .

Total height: 67 cm. (+/- 2 cm.)


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Unique high-technology mattress. Its luxurious and comfortable modern design is a revolutionary solution for a healthy and restful sleep.
Improved model that holds greater orthopedic and anatomic qualities due to the extra layers of coconut fibers
It presents an optimal combination of production technology, quality materials and affordable pricing.
This month, we do not offer our product at a promotional price.
Our product sold at a low price mattress "Kapriz".