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Collection FOR HOTELS
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COLECTION "Classica"

Dear customers and partners,

Mattresses “Hegra” are not just an example of high quality, comfort and ergonomic characteristics, we set a new standard of happy customers in long terms. The high production standards that we have implied are based on the modern assembly line of the Swiss company “Spuhl” and our attention to every detail.

This is why we can bravely give 5 year warranties to our products.

Except the traditional for the Bulgarian market system of “Bonnel” spring, we are also offering products with “Pocket spring” system – comprising of 250 pcs. /m2 steel, double cone springs, individually insulated in textile pouches. This is an unsurpassed spring system, which guarantees greater comfort and incomparable ergonomic effect due to the zonal adapting to the body.

We know that not only the exceptional quality of your sleep is important, but also every details matters! That's why we have created the collection “SenSus” – which comes from latin and literally means “perception of meaning”.

The mattresses from this collection follow the most up-to-date tendencies for a recreational sleep.

The materials, design and production of the mattresses from this collection are a Celebration of all senses!

Stay with us, so we can move forward to success together.

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Unique high-technology mattress. Its luxurious and comfortable modern design is a revolutionary solution for a healthy and restful sleep.
Improved model that holds greater orthopedic and anatomic qualities due to the extra layers of coconut fibers
It presents an optimal combination of production technology, quality materials and affordable pricing.
This month, we do not offer our product at a promotional price.
Our product sold at a low price mattress "Kapriz".