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Elegant design with soft curves, suitable for junior bedrooms.
The Junior bed is a combination of upholstered bed base, headboard and mattress Hegra Comfort + (with advanced orthopedic and anatomical effects thanks to the extra layers of coconut fibers - natural coconut coir bound with silicone and highly elastic polyurethane foam). The bed could also be produced with different kind of mattress from our catalogue. The price would vary according to the mattress that is chosen. The headboard is included in the price!
The base of the bed is designed with soft shapes and is upholstered with high quality fabric so that eventual injuries would be avoided. The lifting mechanism installed to the mattress makes the space underneath easy to use as a storage chest.
The junior bed is designed for kids above the age of 7.

Height of the bed: 53 cm.

Standard size: 200/100 cm . It could also be produced in other sizes, but not wider than 144 cm.

The price would vary in case of:

•  Choosing a different kind of mattress
•  Choosing different kind of fabric or leather

For further information you can contact our office or any of our trade representatives.

Guarantee: 5 (five) years

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Unique high-technology mattress. Its luxurious and comfortable modern design is a revolutionary solution for a healthy and restful sleep.
Improved model that holds greater orthopedic and anatomic qualities due to the extra layers of coconut fibers
It presents an optimal combination of production technology, quality materials and affordable pricing.
This month, we do not offer our product at a promotional price.
Our product sold at a low price mattress "Kapriz".