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Collection FOR HOTELS

When choosing a mattress for your child, you have to be certain that you are ensuring and providing a convenient place to sleep on. Sleep is extremely important for the body and especially in the age when the child is growing up. It is a common misconception that the child's mattress should be as soft as a feather. The specialists recommend that the mattress should be neither too hard nor too soft, but a combination of the two in order to make it convenient enough. To avoid damages to the spine and constant turning and tossing around the bed, the mattress must be convenient and to provide the necessary support to the spine.
The products from our junior collection are designed and produced with love; they are in compliance with the characteristics of children's physics.

We are offering two types of kids' mattresses:

•  Junior Orthopedic which holds greater firmness and
•  Junior Anatomic with middle firmness

The materials used in the production of the mattresses are eco-friendly, high quality and harmless. The cover/upholstery of the mattress is 100% cotton with children prints on it, quilted with multicomponent silicone eco padding.

Main Features:

1 Board of polyurethane foam (eurofoam or kovafoam)
2 Polycomponent elastic padding
3 Coconut fiber (natural coco coir bound with silicone)
4 High quality upholstery with children's prints 100% cotton quilted with multicomponent silicone eco padding

Both models are offered with the option of having a zipper or not. This way the cover could be removable or not according to your preferences.

Total height of the mattress: 11 cm.

Guarantee: 2 (two) years

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Unique high-technology mattress. Its luxurious and comfortable modern design is a revolutionary solution for a healthy and restful sleep.
Improved model that holds greater orthopedic and anatomic qualities due to the extra layers of coconut fibers
It presents an optimal combination of production technology, quality materials and affordable pricing.
This month, we do not offer our product at a promotional price.
Our product sold at a low price mattress "Kapriz".