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The “Continental Bed” is a perfect product that combines unsurpassed comfort and functionality.
We are aware of the fact that every detail matters when it comes to a recreational and healthy sleep. This is why we have designed and chosen carefully the materials and the construction, taking into consideration the most up to date modern visions in sleeping systems.
The “Continental Bed” comprises of 2 single sided mattresses serving the purpose of mattress base, a mattress “Hegra Delux” and a top mattress.
The Swiss technology, used in our production and the carefully selected materials provide zonal adapting to the body curves. Thanks to the pocketed spring system – which consists of 250 pcs./m2 springs individually wrapped in non-woven textile, the spine is in an ergonomic position in any sleep position you prefer. The optimal level of elasticity of the 3 layers of different mattresses allows them to model themselves under the pressure of the body weight, thus offering a complete recreation to the body.
The upholstery materials are hypo-allergenic, inhospitable to dust mites and not supportive to fungus and bacteria . These properties make the mattress highly suitable for people with allergies and respiratory problems, as well as for the prevention of allergies. 
If the client desires we can also produce a headboard from our catalogue to match the “Continental bed”. The headboards from our catalogue are produced with a variety of fabrics or eco leather. The headboard is not included in the price!

Total height of the “Continental Bed”: 56 cm.

Guarantee: 5 (five) years

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Unique high-technology mattress. Its luxurious and comfortable modern design is a revolutionary solution for a healthy and restful sleep.
Improved model that holds greater orthopedic and anatomic qualities due to the extra layers of coconut fibers
It presents an optimal combination of production technology, quality materials and affordable pricing.
This month, we do not offer our product at a promotional price.
Our product sold at a low price mattress "Kapriz".